soulful support for families & the wider birth-community

Aimee Hamblyn: Doula & Healer Brighton

Love Connection Transformation 


Conscious Conception

Energy-Lift Packages to support you with your unique conception journey


Birth packages online & in-person

Whole-person support for you & your baby, from pregnancy to birth.  Mind/Emotions, Body, Soul & Spirit - all of you is welcome.


Life with a new baby online & in person

Starting your new life with your new baby well supported is the bedrock to well-being and resilience for the rest of your life as a family.  Post-natal packages here!


beyond the newborn ....

Online packages to support you beyond the 4th trimester.  Everyone deserves to be doula'd no matter where they are in their motherhood (or parenting) journey.  

Soulful Support for Birth-Keepers

Soul-filled Mentoring & Energy Lift and for your birth-biz and practice 


Weekly Sacred Circle - meditation & healing - Spiritual-Activism 

Adamah Circles - A Raw and Real celebration of Motherhood journey through embodied movement, meditations, and ceremony

Working With Energy For Birth - One Day Workshop

A recognised birth & postnatal doula with Doula UK

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