Parenting Beyond Newborn

Energy-Lift Support for Parents

1:1 Packages for all people engaged in the nurturing of small-humans. (mamas/papas/parents)

The raising of new humans is under valued in our current society but actually I believe it is the MOST important work we can do to ensure better future for the whole of society!  When we have our babies we have an opportunity to heal our own 'mother' wound as we bring more love and consciousness into our relationship with our children.  We arent supposed to do this work alone.  My passion is to support this totally intense, sometimes boring, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful time of nurturing the future people of our planet.

Sessions take place on Zoom

Our first session usually lasts up to 75 minutes - this depends on what's going on in your life - how much you have to 'check-in' with. We start with you letting me know what's going on and what you would like to work on.

The second part is all about energy, where we'll look at the energy of the situations, or challenges, you might be experiencing. This is something I perceive by tuning into your mind, body and soul - through your chakral configuration or energy centres - with the energy of whatever we're looking at often arising as we speak.

We will go through a meditative process where we'll use breath work, embodied sense and spoken intentions to release energy from your chakras, aura, and your mental, emotional and physical bodies.
The final part is about connecting with your source energy or life energy to help re-balance and energise your system into an optimal state, so you feel increased clarity, deeper peace, re-energised and joyful.
Individual Energy-Lift Coaching packages are tailored for your needs and take place over 2 to 12 months depending on what you want to achieve with the support.
Please get in touch for a chat to see how we could work together.
Also you can drop in to the weekly parenting group online every Wednesday morning 11am to 12pm (more details click through to events page


You are a new (or not so new) parent and you have come up for air after the intense work of parenting a new born baby.  Whether your baby has turned, 1 or 10 or 20 and you are feeling ....

  • Your personal needs and wants have been put on the back burner while you care for little people and you are feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.
  • You are wondering if you are doing this whole parenting thing right at all?
  • Your prioritise have changed how to integrate this transformation of  parenthood?
  • You need some support in the changing dynamic of your relationship with your child or partner?

Energy Lift 1:1 sessions 

There seems a point for many of us birthing peeps, when the process of birth has settled and the intensity of the first months or even years is waning and there is a new doorway to open ....  I am here to help support you make the next steps of your new journey as new you with super-power of Nurturer.

Are you....:

  • Feeling concerned about going back into work?
  • Trying to integrate this new family life with your relationship with your partner?
  • Wondering who you are now, that you are a ‘new version’ of you?
  • Noticing old family ‘stuff’ coming up that you weren’t aware of but now has come into focus since you became a parent?
  • Exhausted by balancing all the needs of the people in your family?

Benefits of Energy Lift 1:1 – you CAN: 

  • Connect to your inner GPS of wisdom and strength (beyond the mind which is keeping you in STRESS).
  • Let go of the deeply ingrained need to fix and rescue everyone else so you are not continually drained.  Feel refreshed and energised for your unique life!
  • Connect to the highest version of yourself to create from a place of authenticity and meaning in your life.
  • Heal old family dynamics and patterns, to set you and your children free of past pain.
  • Feel more love and connection within, to experience more love and intimacy with your partner.


What Other People have said about Sessions:

Aimee's Healing sessions have really helped me process my year of ups and downs being a new mum.  After working together I felt more grounded and connected to myself.  Julie - Muswell Hill

Working with Aimee to look at how old family patterns were playing out in my life has been really helpful.  Healing some of the pain of my childhood helped me to connect more with my partner and children.  Bert - Northamptonshire

My relationship had been on rocky ground with my partner and I not feeling very connected anymore.  I felt so much lighter and had more clarity after my sessions with Aimee.  Lara - South London

I really look forward to my sessions with Aimee, I always feel lifted into more understanding and compassion for my family.  Hollie - East London





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