Pregnancy Support


Pregnancy is huge time of change

navigating this amazing time needs gentle loving support for you and and your growing baby, and your family.

First Trimester - fire & water elements

Is this really real?

All the changes are on the inside and they are profound.  You maybe experiencing a high degree of heightened emotions, some positive feelings of joy, elation and excitement.  You may also experience fear, grief, worry and anxiety.  This is all totally understandable and having a loving guide to support you through whatever is arising can feel so supportive.

Nausea, tiredness, and other physical changes can be profound at this time too.  Using IYS healing techniques we can safely reduce some of these normal pregnancy symptoms so you are more comfortable.

welcoming the soul of your baby and beginning the connection can begin at this stage of your pregnancy.

Fire is the element of transformation and making gentle life style changes to support body, emotions and mind plus your energy can be transformative.

Second Trimester - earth element

Sweetness of pregnancy can come into its own beauty.  There is more stability and creative energy.

Journaling, meditation, mantra, movement and music support this time of grounding and connection.

A deeper connection with your baby as they grow inside you, can really faciliate a growing sense of your own intuition and sense of the parent child relationship that is forming.  This is the time where your partner if you have one, or other family members can really feel more apart of the pregnancy as the baby moves in relation to their sounds or touch.   IYS meditation can help to deepen this growing sense of trust and connection and help to alleviate any fears that are arising at this time.


Third Trimester - air element

As the time for the labour and birthing draws nearer making plans for the birth and your babymoon or fourth trimester can bring increased worries and concerns into mind.

This is the time to use visualisation, meditation, affirmations and birth planning to support you as you move towards the birthing time.


I offer comprehensive holistic support throughout pregnancy online and where possible in-person.

Energy-lift healing sessions and time between each session with personalised meditations between, pregnancy journal by the moon and bespoke resources to support your pregnancy and birth planning.

Pregnancy massage sessions available in person in London and Brighton

Mother Blessings in person are also available.

Packages from £500 to £1500

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