Monday Meditation

Weekly Online Everyone welcome

Monday 7.15 to 8.45 on zoom

Please get in contact for the link.

  • Community Check-in
  • Pranayama
  • mantra
  • guided meditation

If you are looking to explore the sacred nature of your life in a beautiful supportive group this session is for you.  Life always has its challenges!  No one is immune from conflicts, upheavals, disappointments, and set backs.

In this weekly safe and healing space we work through our collective energy and intention to bring ourselves into deeper states of connection and love for personal transformation.

Much of the work we do is assisting healing in ourselves and in our communities and the planet.  As we heal ourselves we heal the collective.

I am truly committed to working on my own trauma around race, gender and my relationship with the earth, and offer this space to others who understand spiritual work is activism.

These sessions are run by heartfelt contribution (suggested contribution is £5 to £15) give within your means as you feel you have recieved.

Weekly Nurtures' Nest

10am to 11am on zoom each Wednesday.

This is a wonderful group of conscious parents creating a community of support.   We spend half the group time in a sharing circle and then the second part of the group with Energy-Lift.  Recordings of the meditation are sent out for use between sessions.

Adamah Circles 

One day mini retreat for Nurturers

A raw and real celebration of motherhood from conception, pregnancy, birth and mothering through meditation, embodied movement and ceremony.

Adamah Circles is a collaboration with the wonderful Hannah Mi Annis.

Our aim is to create safe space to really embrace the fullness of what it means to birth now at this time on the planet.

What it means for us individually and what does it mean collectively.

How can we bring more balance into the sacred feminine and live more deeply connected to the flow of this beautiful energy as mothers, nurturers and carers of small humanbeings.

One day Mothering retreats to nourish, celebrate and heal .

Working with Energy For Birth one day workshop


Lindsey Elliott and I have collaborated on a one day workshop for birth workers :

Understanding and using the unseen energy that supports life on earth
means you can have a super charged tool kit to assist you with the
challenge of taking care of yourself and taking care of the women and
babies you support. We are so excited to share this with you!
This course is for you if:
You love supporting families during pregnancy birth and or postnatal period and know in your heart and soul is part of your purpose
You sometimes feel overwhelmed by caring SO much in a health care system which is over stretched and can leave women feeling like they have been through a mangle
You would like to connect more deeply to your wisdom and intuition
You'd like tools to help you feel more grounded and centred when life and birth work can be so unpredictable
You would like to learn simple and powerful tools to help with pain and fear (can be used during pregnancy to help relax and calm clients, during labour, in post natal period to help both babies and their parents)


Sacred Birth - 8 Weeks of Connection for Birth-Keepers

If you are a birth keeper and are interested in exploring the sacred nature of our work please get in touch for the next dates.

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