Sacred Birth

3 month programme for doulas & other birth workers


Sacred Birth WHAT IS IT?

3 month programme for birth workers.  (ie anyone working with birthing folks)

To nourish, nurture and explore the sacred & energetic components of our work.




Its for anyone who knows that birth work is a ‘calling’ and feels the magic of the birth time and feels the mystery of the birth energy and wants to go deeper.

Deeper with their own self care and understanding of birth energy

Deeper with their own growth and transformation

Deeper in connection with their clients

To be held in Circle of siblinghood with shared aim of uplifting birth for all.



  • One group session a week online on zoom for two hours - group discussion and reflection and Energy-Lift healing meditation 
  • Short videos and or reading to support the journal prompts and reflection
  • Weekly journal - this is home play and the aim is to be light gentle and supportive
  • Daily practice to incorporate into your daily routine and a 40 day sadanah or spiritual practice to really ground your new understanding and practice into your every day life.
  • Recordings for use after the course will be shared or energy practices
  • two sessions 121  with Aimee Hamblyn to support your personal transformation (worth £135)


Themes & Dates:

24th November 2021 to 16th March 2022

Zoom connection circles

5.30pm to 7.30pm Wednesdays

Guest teachers will be TBC depending on teacher schedules

Week one Wednesday 24th November 2021

introductions and setting the space

Week two 1st December 2021

Multi Dimensional Reality and Birth

Week three 8th December 2021

Sacred Activism, what is it?

Week Four - Guest teacher 15th Dec


Week Five  5th January 2021

Doula-Being - understanding the nature of our emotions and how we hold our energy

Week Six  


Miranda Fairhall - emotions, trauma and the nervous system

About Miranda here

Week seven 19th January 2022

Protecting Your energy and Protecting space - Energy tools to support you

Week eight 26th January 2022

Trauma & The System from a multi dimensional perspective

Week nine wk/c 31st Jan 2022

guest teacher - BIRTH OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM - visioning differently

Week ten 9th February

Staying Grounded While We Flex and Flow - dealing with uncertainty

Week eleven - guest teacher w/c 14th TBC date and time

Week twelve- 23rd February

Gratitude Abundance & the Heart - working with our money blocks

Week thirteen wk/c 28th Feb tbc date and time

guest teacher Daya Parvati cultivating intuition and tarot

http://More about Daya here

Week fourteen - 9th March 2022

Spirals & Cycles growth is not linear - the witch wound & the patriachy

Week fifteen -16th March 2022

integration and closing

MORE Guest teachers to be announced


The course is valued at £1008 however what is important to me is that the right people are called to the circle and that finance is no obstacle.


My suggestion regarding payment is you pay

£250 upfront on booking

then a second (Dec) and third (Feb)payment of £125

This is = £500

On finishing the course you can chose if you want to make an additional donation of anything from £5 to £500 - its totally open and optional.  Part of this donation will go to the good causes of our guest educators.

No pressure!

AND if this course really feels like it is for you and £500 split over 3 payments between now and Feb feels out of reach please just book a call and we can work it out.  I am really happy for you to pay the £500 over as many instalments as actually feel comfortable and manageable for you.  Seriously. 

This is something I do as a doula, and with my Developing Doulas courses too.

And you will be pleased to know working on our money blocks is part of uplifting the sacred feminine and this is part of  our work together.



What other people have said:


Aimee's light shines out straight from her heart and especially so in this fabulous and informative course.  She shares her knowledge with love and integrity and led me down the path into my soul, for me to explore the inner depths of my realm.  Her meditations were a highlight of my week and the discussions that she invoked were always lively and revealing.
I experienced her love of women and the sacred space of the birthing room with her passion to encourage all of us doulas to heighten our awareness of the energy we bring in all areas of the birthing world.
Her healing session was gentle and her questions allowed space for me to delve into what was really going on 'underneath'.  I emerged relaxed and more enlightened about my own process.
Scarlet doula  - Sacred Birth May 2020
Aimee is a really wonderful, kind and patient teacher.  SHe is incredibly generous with her time and energy.  I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn more about the sacredness of birth and looking for connection and a safe grounded space holding.
Saima -  Sacred Birth May 2020
Aimee Held the space with such grace and ease, it was easy to open up and expore my thoughts and feelings. 
Maisie -  Sacred Birth May 2020
I learned some incredibly powerful techniques for protecting and clearing the energetic balances in my body and i use these often.  Ainee gave ne a steady, loving guidance that allowed me to grow and explore new ideas within a trusted safe space.... i would work with her again in a heart beat!
Heather -  Sacred Birth May 2020
I have learnt about sacred practices to use in the birth space. I enjoyed being part of a group and hearing about everyone's experiences and ideas. 
Millie Sacred Birth Winter 2020-2021
 I loved Aimee’s teaching style. There was spaciousness, and Aimee allowed us time to feel into our own relationship/thoughts/wisdom with the subject. I felt we embodied that subject each week. I felt really sovereign and autonomous in my learning, not spoon fed. As a result the course exceeded my expectations and I learnt more than I imagined about my own personal skill and possible direction in my birth work, that I am now working to put into practice.
I love how you deal with all sides, no spiritual bypassing and how we confronted difficult and truly important subjects, held and with love.
Hannah Sacred Birth - Winter 2020-2021


Circles are something I have always loved & being a part of. I had seen Aimee in fb groups/instagram etc... & always love what she has to say & how she expresses things. It felt like we would be able to connect easily & felt right. Ill be honest that I wasnt entirely sure on what I was hoping to gain in experience but definitely connections & connecting with like minded women was important to me.  -

Participant Sacred Birth Winter 2020-2021 

I really enjoyed the nurturing aspect & the social group as a whole. I feel the connections between all was built upon & the meditations were very helpful in connecting us on other levels.

- Participant Sacred Birth Winter 2020-2021 



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