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Hey Lovely Birthkeeper,

Thank you for finding me!

I am passionate about sharing the practical tools I have found on my healing journey with other birth workers, as a way to help us keep on keeping on with the amazing trans-formative work that is birth!

Like me you probably have a deep passion and belief in women, birth and the power that it holds to change life for the better.

Not just for the individual families we look after but actually for the wider community and the earth.

And you have probably tasted the magic and miraculous energy that abounds during this time.... its what makes it so special.

The work is BIG - its multi layered, trans-personal and sometimes super up close and personal.

Annnnd .....

I bet you have thought some of these....

  • Is what im doing in this whole birth picture enough?
  • Are things getting worse not better in maternity care ... the world??
  • Did I do enough for my clients could I have done something different?
  • I'm just so flipping exhausted with compassion fatigue from being in so many caring roles, I just wont to hide under the duvet?
  • I feel so much rage at the injustice and at the same time so helpless?
  • Working as a doula can be isolating - where is my village who get me?
  • How can I build resilience to manage the uncertainty of being on-call and being self employed?
  • How do I stop taking on other people's energy?

I offer birth-folk on-going coaching and energy-lift packages to support doulas to find resilience, joy and growth through their doula work.

Energy-Lift works in both for groups, to build community and network of spiritually minded birth folks, and one to one to go deep with your specific challenges!

This is more than self - care this is powerful transformation!

You can either join me for 1:1 energy lift and mentoring (online) or Group Lift Sessions (online).

Energy-Lift sessions will leave you feeling

  • deep peace
  • re-energised
  • with more clarity and insight for next steps with your challenges
  • Reconnect to the joy in your work
  • Connection to yourself
  • Love for your clients and the families your serve
  • compassion and strong boundaries for those you come into conflict with
  • resilience for doing the long haul


Energy-lift sessions are a wonderful container for processing the energy of 'life-in-the-birth-world'.

We all see a lot of sh!t go down - do we need to carry that around with us?

As naturally empathetic people, that is often what happens.  We can do our individual practices for releasing this energy but when we work as a group -  holy heart chakra that is powerful!

In the session we check-in and find the theme for working on together.

Through our collective energy we work on shifting the energetic blocks that we are called to in that session.  Its personal work and its collective work.  We can also do collective healing on 'the birth world' and help to raise the vibration in the collective consciousness.

For me birth-work, spirituality and personal growth are all one and the same, what shows up in my birth work is what I'm called on to heal in myself.  I see all of this as sacred work, the work of love, connection and transformation.  For us and for our clients.

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If you would like some support for a particularly challenging situation,  or if you find a challenging pattern come up in your work and you want a deeper look at shifting it.

You can book an intensive session with me 90 mins  £65


I offer Energy-Lift coaching packages for birth-keepers.

Please get in touch to discuss how I might support you. (happy to discuss fee for those need some financial assistance)

Work with me over 6 months or alternatively over 12 months to really support your growth and transformation.

Please get in touch for more information.

Benefits of 1:1: 

  • Go deep with your practice and connection to Soul-Self, inspiration, intuition, insight.
  • Let go of the energy of your previous experiences which can keep playing out if held in our energy field.
  • Grow your own energy field and chakras so you are better resourced in life and your doula work
  • Expand your self-worth and relationship to money (essential if you are self-employed).
  • Grow your internal resilience to weather the unpredictability of change in your work.

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