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Emma, Clare and Woody

I had a weirdly good feeling about Aimee from the moment I met her and I am so very
happy that she is part of our birth story. Her uncanny intuition, innate kindness and
sensitivity gave us such a feeling of support and strength before, during and after the birth of our first child, and I will always be grateful for it. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest her as a Doula to any family.

Sian Liam Eta

Having Aimee as a Doula was a really positive experience, she helped me at every step of the journey, discussing and explaining different opinions and approaches and being reassuring and supportive. I would recommend Aimee to anyone expecting a new arrival.

Pierre & Laetitia first baby

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t aware of what a doula was and when my partner told me she wanted to hire one, I had no clue why.

I was determined to stay open-minded and help her to get the pregnancy and birth she wanted as I was thinking, ‘it’s all about her after all’.
I must say that Aimee proved me wrong and showed me how important my role would be as a man. And I’m so thankful for that. It changed the whole experience.

Aimee gave me the right advice and led me to read the relevant books. She helped me find my place in the whole process as a man and father to be. I wasn’t just waiting for my partner to deliver a baby, I felt like we were doing this together and it made all the difference.
It gave me the confidence I needed to help my pregnant partner during these 9 months and in this crucial moment that is birth.

When meeting Aimee for the first time we felt at ease as we could talk about all the worries but also the hopes we had about this special moment.

After getting answers to a multitude of questions rushing through our minds (we had so many…) I started to feel a sense of excitement toward the birthing process. I understood how important it would be to have someone on our side who will focus on us as a couple and mother/father to be as opposed to a daunting and strict medical institution. Here it wasn’t just about deadlines and technical matters, it was also about how we felt as individuals and as a couple regarding a life-changing event.

It suddenly made sense to have a doula accompanying us all along. Natural birth was not a utopia anymore but a tangible prospect that we could get prepared for and I was more than welcome to take part in it.
We managed to create a protective bubble around us and have an oxytocin filled pregnancy (if you don't know what oxytocin is, neither did I but with Aimee you'll know all about it).
Aimee always respected our intimacy and knew when to intervene and when to leave us, never interfering without reason.

Without Aimee I probably would have felt like an outsider. She made us realise that the most important is to focus on the emotional side of birth, because it’s what it’s all about. It's such a special time and thanks to her we had the perfect environment to welcome and love this new life and feel this incredible connection with our baby.

Gloria, Josef and Jasmine

During the labour Aimee was simply magnificent. She remained calm and collected
throughout the process. She looked after both of us so well and was a calm presence. She was a pillar of strength and support.

Serena & Marc

When I was in labour with our first born, I didn't feel supported by my midwife. I was afraid, didn't know if I was doing the right things and felt very alone. So for the birth of our second daughter I wanted my experience to be better. I convinced my husband that teaming up with a doula would be the answer. We were so lucky to get in touch with Aimee and Kasia. On our first meeting they already reassured me that this time round could be a more relaxing and happy experience. They completely changed the way I looked at giving birth. They really took the time to get to know us and helped me prepare my mind and body for it. We did exercises together and talked about our wishes and options. They were really listening to us and were able to give us all the information we needed to make the best decisions for giving birth to this baby.

There were some false alarms, I have even called myself the bridezilla of pregnant women (apparently you're called a birthzilla then!) but never ever have Kasia or Aimee given me the feeling that I was too much or overreacting. They kept listening and telling me it was okay to feel however I felt. Just amazing. I have learned so much. And when the day finally came that baby was ready to come out, I felt empowered and confident, so ready to do it all. No fear, just letting my body do what it had to do. Their coaching that night and early morning was amazing, reading me right, understanding what I needed. I felt in control and supported. Such an incredible experience. I can recommend these wonderful women to everyone.

Jess & Dan

Vicky and Aimee’s doula care was by far the best investment I made during my pregnancy. I loved my birth experience, thanks in many ways to their physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

I first began meeting with Vicky and Aimee three months before my due date. I knew I liked them immediately; both women have an incredibly calming presence and expressed zero judgment about my birth preferences. They listened to my hopes and fears for the birth, and those of my partner, and helped us set realistic expectations by walking us through how labor works, how long it typically takes, and what to expect in the hospital or birth center. This education process went above and beyond anything we got in our NCT course: We learned about natural pain relief (they even showed my husband how to massage me), various interventions, breathing techniques, and what to expect in the hospital/birth center itself. They also helped us write our birth plan. Because we were well educated, we felt prepared and empowered going into labor, rather than afraid and vulnerable.

During labor itself, Vicky and Aimee were *tremendously* helpful. Vicky came over to my home while I labored and helped me breathe and kept me moving. Purely by reading my body language, she knew when I had progressed far enough to go to the hospital without risking labor stalling or being turned away from the birth center. Aimee was frequently texting my husband, guiding him through the process and answering his questions. All the while they were both incredibly calm, which made us feel calm. In the birthing center, Vicky made sure the medical team followed my birth plan so I didn’t have to leave labor land to deal with endless questions or give directions. She was truly my advocate.

Being in Aimee and Vicky’s care was a holistic experience, and it didn’t stop once I’d had the baby. They were very accessible via text and phone in the days after my son was born. We also had several follow-up appointments in which we discussed the birth at length — which is what every new mother wants to do! But so much of their support was emotional. For example, I loved the healing (Aimee) and relaxation (Vicky) sessions; Vicky came over the day before my due date and put me into a meditative state that I am sure put me into labor — my water broke just hours after she left. Aimee’s healing made me feel spiritually grounded.

Vicky and Aimee are a fantastic team — they complement one another incredibly well, and having two doulas really made me feel like I was part of a sisterhood. I felt loved and nurtured and strong. I am so grateful for them.


Aimee was my Doula and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has a wonderful ability to hold a space and guided me into a confident mood going into my birth. Her tone is gentle, uplifting, positive and warm. She is full of wisdom and I learnt so much from her before and after the birth. Her intuition towards my feelings through labour were extraordinary and she took so much care of me throughout. She helped me with the very first moments of breastfeeding and organised the collection of my placenta from the hospital. Her presence was so calming and trusting and I couldn't have done the last few stages of labour without her. Post birth she continued to hold a beautiful space for my new baby and I and left me with some beautiful memories. She has a wonderful spirit and I'll never forget her. I whole heartedly recommend!

Jessie & Sam

Aimee was our doula for the birth of our second baby at home, our son.
Aimee was recommended by our friends who had used her at their birth and highly recommended her.
It was my husband who needed more persuading about having a doula as he felt like it may not be necessary for baby no.2 as we had managed without one for the first birth but as we were trying for a home birth this time round, I was particularly keen to have an extra pair of hands and wisdom for the labouring at home and have as natural a birth as possible seeing as my first birth had been rather positive and natural.
As soon as we met with Aimee, we adored her; her warmth, lack of judgment and positivity glowed and I could see my husband feeling far more enthusiastic towards the prospect of a doula.
In the lead up, we had couple sessions and did meditations and talked through the birth of our daughter, our fears for the second birth, what we loved about the first birth and what we wanted from this birth.
I was two weeks overdue, and was about to induced at 41+13 days at the hospital.  The thought of homebirth was slipping away and it was all becoming rather medicalised and scary.  There was a lot of drama, frustration and tears and as we walked home to delay the induction until the evening, Aimee was on the phone ready to counsel and present the positives about the fact that the baby would be here soon whichever way it wanted to make it’s entrance and we would make the most out the induction.
Miraculously after the phone call, some rumblings of contractions started and proceeded through out the day.  By the late afternoon Aimee was at the house and the midwife was coming to check on me and suddenly the contractions stopped.  I was so frustrated.  The midwife left and Aimee did some relaxation techniques on me and some energy clearing.  As she was doing this, my waters broke and it was game on! Four hours later, our baby boy was born in our living room, no complications.
What we loved about Aimee was that she enabled my husband to be the most confident and brilliant birthing partner whilst she was on hand to check on me, help me in the bath and gently remind me of breathing techniques.  She was also busy helping fill the birthing pool whilst i laboured on with Sam upstairs, because we had somehow run out of hot water.  She knew when to call the midwives - when my husband probably would have called earlier - and she knew how to guide Sam to speak to me when i was struggling with the pushing.  She was also there to help clean up and make sure I had a cup of tea and chocolate. And postnatally, she was on hand to help with breastfeeding which I was struggling with.
It was the greatest pleasure to have Aimee a part of our son’s birth, she was the most wonderful healing hands and gave both of us the confidence to deliver at home.
If i have another child, Aimee will be there as we wouldn’t want to do it without her!
My husband even said he wanted to be a doula after the birth of our son as the experience was so so magical.  Thank you Aimee, we are so lucky to have had you for this journey.


Danielle and JP

Before deciding.
I was pretty convinced I wanted / needed a doula for my second birth, after a disappointing experience giving birth to my first child. I wanted someone with me throughout the birth experience that was focused on me and was helping me keep my own focus, helping me through the hardest bits to achieve a positive birth of my baby.
During my second pregnancy, I found myself extremely stressed and without time to really focus on the pregnancy. I was working fulltime, with a toddler, and had just moved into a new home and we were doing an extension. Generally I felt fine in my pregnancy but was much more tired than with my first.
We met a few doulas during our search but Aimee and Vicky were calm, insightful, and most aligned with our way of thinking. My husband was a bit skeptical about a doula and they helped him see the value they would bring to our birth experience. His biggest concern was that they would push him out of the way or not include him in the birth, and they reassured him that wouldn't be the case.
The Process - Ante natally (birth)
The antenatal sessions were great. The first session when we talked through our first birth experience was illuminating – we talked a lot about the scary bits and the happy bits and it helped us find common ground on how we wanted this birth to be different. The physical sessions where we did exercises helped us strengthen our connection. The  antenatal sessions became our time to really focus on us and recentre around how we were about to become a family of 4. They also helped me personally really connect with my baby, what was about to happen, think about how I wanted birth to feel, and how I wanted the birth to go. Also, as my first baby was extremely "overdue" (born on 42+1), I was very fearful of having another extended term baby and birth. When Muriel was also born 42+1, Aimee and Vicky were extremely supportive to help me emotionally cope with the wait, the stress and pressure from the medical teams, and to keep my emotional strength high when I felt very low. I had to do a lot of advocating for myself to not have the same experience I had with my first baby, and that was emotionally very draining especially while I was working and encountering a lot of stress from my workplace. I had a healing with Aimee, who helped me calm down, realise it was all okay, and that I could handle another extended term birth successfully.
Birth Support 
My birth was wonderful. After multiple false starts, I went into labor on a Thursday evening after spending the day being monitored at hospital on 42w. I labored gently overnight and in the morning texted the doulas and had Vicky with me from 10am. Having a doula throughout my labor was exactly what I hoped for: she helped me as contractions intensified and waned. She always had a new suggestion for something to help me through the waves: a walk, a bath, massage. She reminded me to eat and reminded me to hydrate. She was an emotional support when my confidence and energy started to flag.
My birth goal was to stay at home as long as possible, and we achieved that – too well! My waters broke at 4pm and Vicky thought we should head to the hospital as she felt my second stage of labor would go very quickly. We called a taxi but by the time I got into the car my contractions were so intense, I felt that I couldn't make it all the way to UCLH with so much pain. Vicky advised us to turn around and had my husband call 999. I crawled upstairs to the bathroom with Vicky and felt an enormous urge to push; Vicky helped me get to a safe place and position and coached both me and my husband who was on the phone with the emergency services. I pushed twice and my daughter was born just as the ambulance crew were coming up the stairs. I felt absolutely perfect in that moment – it was how birth should be! We were both fine and headed to the hospital in the ambulance only for checks and to ensure the placenta was fully delivered (it wouldn't come out at home).
Vicky went to the hospital with us in the ambulance and stayed with us until 10pm. Her presence with us and coaching of us helped us have the most empowered and fulfilling birth I could have ever hoped for.
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