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You have found this page because you are curious to explore the support that is available to you as you make your way through the changing inner-landscape of pregnancy towards birth, and the new life that lies on the other-side of this transition.

I expect you are excited to be welcoming a new baby-human-being into your arms and into your family, but I am sure you have your doubts and fears too.   Whether its your first, second, third (or more baby) having a birth doula has huge benefits for you, your baby and the whole family.

You want your baby to be born into love and for him/her to feel safe, connected and well.

You want your birth experience to be one that you cherish for years to come.

You want more than to survive birth but to have support for your birth experience from someone who knows, respects, cares, listens you and your whole family!  Support that honours who you are as a whole person, that sees birth as the rite of passage it is, not a medical procedure.   To  be able grow in love and connection through this amazing time!


No matter HOW or WHERE you give birth (home birth in water, elective C section, or birth with medical intervention) you and your baby deserve for this to be one that you can celebrate as truly yours.

Benefits of Working with me:

  • Using Energy-Lift meditation to cut through and let go of fear that does not serve you (from past experiences, or beliefs and expectations of family and society)
  • I will hold space for you to honour all p of your during pregnancy, labour and birth, because you know birth is more than a medical procedure.
  • You want to be able to have all the information to make the best decisions for you that are entirely yours to make?  Working with me to understand your options and your birth-rights.
  • You want to be open to the inevitable unpredictability of change that is birth process.  Working with me will help you to make plans and then let go into trusting the process.
  • Working with me in your birth team means you have individualised care, I will work with you and any other birthing partners to help us all create the best support for you.


I believe in you! …. Birth is an inner journey of transformation, it is sacred and it is the unravelling and remaking of a person.

We birth ourselves as new mothers at the same time as we birth our babies.

I believe that a doula is loving guide through this transformation… the doula lights the path and holds the new mother’s hand as she walks her unique path.

Birth Doula - You can get birth support with me both in person and via online packages ... read more here:

You may know deep in your bones that this process is deeply imprinted in your body wisdom, but how to access that wisdom?

You may know that with the right support and the right internal and external environment, birth can be an amazing experience!   This is actually your birth-right and your power.

Having a doula doesn’t guarantee a certain type of birth outcome but what I can offer you is continuous care throughout the process. The research shows that not only does continuous care actually improve outcomes for mamas and babies, it also increases how the mamma feels about the birth for the rest of her life.

In-person Doula Support

Brighton and Sussex, Kent and London

I offer both sole care and shared care births working with a small collective of doulas who share a similar approach and philosophy.

The packages and prices are the same for both shared care and sole care

Before baby is born 4 (or 6) ante-natal sessions at your home.  The benefit of this is we will get to know each other and that is the foundation for the birth support.  Plus the more you understand your physiology and how we can create the best team to support you the easier it will be for you to trust the process.

  • Birth physiology and how to create the best internal and external environment to optimise the birth process.
  • Practical comfort measures, massage, breathing, meditation for you and your partner (so your othe birth partner and your doula make the best team of support on the day.
  • Know your Birth-Rights, understanding what individualised care is and helping you advocate for yourself and your birth decisions.
  • Energy healing sessions to release fears and transform your experience.
  • De-briefing any previous births and or experiences that may be impacting you.
  • Understanding Breast feeding, post-natal recovery and healing, normal infant sleep so you can really enjoy your time as a new family.

On-Call from 10 days before your estimated due date until your baby is born

Unlimited phone and email support from booking until baby is 12 weeks old

In person support during your time in labour and for birth in whichever setting you have chosen.

Two (or 4) visits to your home after the baby is born:

  • One to debrief the birth and see how baby is feeding.  To ensure you are 'landing' well supported with your new baby
  • Post-natal healing massage.

Please get in touch to discuss how I could support you.

Packages between £1450 to £2500 Please Inquire - I am happy to support families according to their means so please let me know if you require payment plan or financial assistance.

extra sessions can be added for additional fee - including pregnancy & postnatal massage, breastfeeding support, post-natal cooking.


anywhere in the world!

  • 8 sessions on Zoom lasting up to two hours each (6 before and 2 after birth)
  • Energy-Lift sessions to transform you birth fears into love and peace.
  • Understand birth physiology to help you and your partner have the optimal environment for your birth, to ensure safety and well-being.
  • learn what comfort measures you and your birth partner can implement during your labour.  Your partner will feel confident in how to support you.
  • Daily guided mediation for your partner and you.
  • Physical body movement to help you and your partner prepare for birth.
  • Massage guides and videos to watch in your own time for your partner to increase happy bonding hormones and help you and your baby through pregnancy and labour.
  • *telephone support for early labour at home*  up to 3 phone calls lasting 30 mins each - this can be very helpful for the time before you go to hospital or before your midwife comes to the home
  • Getting breast feeding off to the best start.
  • Life with a new born, rest and recovery – new born sleep.
  • Breast feeding support in the first 4 weeks of life.





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