4th trimester Support


Your body needs time to heal after the huge work of pregnancy and birth.  You need emotional support to nurture your new-born baba, to feed him/her, understand what he/she needs, and to rest while he/she is adjusting to life on the outside!

Maybe you have heard lots of stories about failed breast feeding but deep in your heart you would LOVE for it to work.  Breast feeding is most often successful when there is consistent and regular support over time.

My focus for post-natal support is to help the mother enjoy her post-partum time, this is a beautiful window of time with your new-born.  Getting this off to the best start for you and your baby will have life long benefits, for your relationship with each other, and your physical and emotional health.

There can be many challenges physically and emotionally with taking care of yourself and tiny babies but with good support the benefits to mama, baby and the whole family are amazing!

I will support you to get off to the right start with breast feeding, to help you meet your breast feeding goals.

As the healing and recovery from pregnancy and birth is so important I offer energy-healing and massage to my post-natal clients as part of the package.

Massage is a wonderful way for the body to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system so we are in 'rest and repair' - all systems of the body function when we are relaxed.  It also helps bring all the systems of the body into optimal function by improving blood flow and helping the organs all return to their normal place.

Energy-Healing works on the deeper level of the energy body, which has amazing effects emotionally, mentally and physically.  Through the energy healing, it’s possible to speed up the body’s natural capacity for healing.  It’s also possible to look deeply at any emotional energy blocks that may be causing fears during this time.

Helping the mind be calm and emotions to be processed fully really helps to make the post-partum period one where we thrive rather than just survive!

I offer three packages of in-person support to be taken within the first 8 weeks of life with the baby:

  • 6 sessions (including one massage)
  • 12 sessions (including 2 massages)
  • 18 sessions (including 3 massages)

If you don’t live within my area and you would like online support, my packages are also available TO BE USED WITHIN 12 WEEKS FROM BIRTH/BOOKING – sessions are on ZOOM they can be booked a week in advance and they can be from 30 minute up to 2 hours (depending on what you need)

  • Friendly knowledgeable doula for you to talk through any concerns you have.
  • Energy lift and meditation to transform and uplift your emotions and spirit.
  • Energy healing for your body.
  • Book 6 sessions.
  • Book 12 Sessions.

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